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Benefits & Options

Be part of a global community, have an impact

Becoming a Certified BabyBrains Trainer offers you a meaningful way to add impact, science and fun to your academic or perinatal work.

Join other professionals and passionate caregivers on the journey to increase family wellness and support mental wellbeing of new families.



Create a life and business you love while helping families grow.


Do you want to expand your dedication and expertise in childcare and development?

Would you like to become an expert in delivering complex concepts in a fun and engaging way that can actually have an impact in real life?

Our interactive, evidence-based trainings are perfect for you. Join other professionals and passionate caregivers on the journey to increase family relationships and mental wellbeing.

BabyBrains training creates a bridge between scientific research and your community. 

If you are a scientist, you will learn to communicate what you know in a way that is effective and impactful.

If you are a professional spending time with babies and parents (midwife, health-visitor, psychotherapist…), you will  learn cutting-edge findings about brain development and functioning, in order to provide your babies and parents with the best possible start together. You will also learn to communicate your knowledge in a uniquely fun and interactive style. You will be able to empowers parents and caregivers of all paths of life, boosting their effectiveness and satisfaction, which will in turn provide an optimal environment for the child’s development.

Whoever you are, you will experience multi-disciplinary work and relationships. These collaborations will continue to enrich your work after the end of the training thanks to our vibrant global community.


You can choose whether you would like to be accredited as a BabyBrains Trainer and offer the iconic BabyBrains workshops in your community, or whether you are happy integrating your BabyBrains knowledge organically into your current practice. 

If you are interested in becoming a certified trainer, have a look at our full Trainer's agreement here (or here for Italian).

​Benefits include:

  • Deep understanding of issues that no perinatal professional should ignore about brain development.

  • Access to a unique way to communicate research.

  • The training purpose is to share content and nurture a rich exchange among all participants.

  • Certification and all presentation files are given upon completion. 

  • Dedicated supervised sessions are available.

Upon certification, you will be able to:

  • Offer your own BabyBrains workshops to parents in your community

  • Have access to learning tools, events in the industry, and private online groups 

  • Get affiliation to the international community & support 

  • Use our brand in a personalised way and have discounted access to materials 

  • Receive yearly conference invitations and associated events.

"As a child development researcher I find it crucial to share our results with carers: BabyBrains provides a great opportunity to do just this."

Dr Tessel Bazelmans

"BabyBrains taught me a new way of being a midwife and gave me real tools to empower parents in the postnatal period.'

Giulia Gavelli

"The training put me in touch with special women who are still an important support and contribute to daily enriching my life and practice."

Sara di Nunzio


Balancing life and creating a career in helping others is challenging. Where does one begin and the other end? Do I have the current knowledge, support, and structure to support my goals? Am I adding value? 


Becoming a Certified BabyBrains Trainer offers you a meaningful pathway to add new tools to your profession. The courses and workshops will guide you through specially curated scientific research, strategies, and coaching tools to support families in reaching their goals. The training sessions and supervised real-life scenarios will give you the confidence to deliver lasting change in people's lives. You'll be up and running your workshops in no time, with continued knowledge and support from the international BabyBrains community of experts to support your profession.

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