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Explore L.O.V.E, Fun, and Science.

Every parent like yourself wants to be the best and most informed parent they can be. You are moulding little adults, after all!


You're not alone. Join like-minded carers on the journey to more confident parenting and learn practical, evidence techniques in a positive environment.

Baby Crawling


Wherever you are on the journey of parenting, we're here to support you.


We created workshops to answer all those niggling questions, such as: "What is happening with my child now?" "How can I nurture them for the future?" "I want to build a lifelong bond." Learn more about our workshops below or contact us to guide you on the perfect fit.

BabyBrains® provides scientific information on how to support parents from conception to the fourth year of the child. It offers an overview on brain functioning and development and suggest practical implementations for young parents across a broad variety of media. Our communication style has been especially developed to facilitate the comprehension and processing of complex scientific information in an enjoyable and fun way.




Our best-selling workshop is an excellent place to start. Join us in person or online to learn about the fascinating world of child development.

Our new and innovative collaboration with world-renowned Essex University and the Babylab and Toddler Lab at Birkbeck College, University of London. Applying the university's ongoing research at The Centre for Brain Science, we give parents a meaningful experience and education in child development.

Parenting starts well before the birth of the baby. The 9 months of pregnancy are a perfect time to get all the information you need and to start practicing your new role of the ones in control! Daunting? Fun!! 

All you need is a little science, a little practice… and the will to experiment with the big questions of life.

>> Coming Soon.


Join us in person or online to learn about the fascinating world of child development in this series of workshops covering six topics:  

  1. What does my child remember? 

  2. Manipulation or Call for Connection? How to tell the difference. 

  3. Why is my child clingy? 

  4. Flashcards or a visit to the zoo? Secrets behind language learning.

  5. Beyond Punishment and Reward. How to motivate correctly. 

  6. Cuddle or not to cuddle? How to raise secure independent children.


BabyBrains Body is the new exclusive series of BabyBrains Workshops for parents, developed in
partnership with the University of Essex and Birkbeck College, with the aim of disseminating recent
findings and enhancing the public impact of their cutting-edge research.

It is a fun and interactive series of workshops for parents to learn about how
babies perceive the world, make sense of it and begin interacting with it. It provides precious
insight on the role of dedicated carers in this process and advocates for a tailored approach of the
adult-child relationship, both in the family and in the lab.


We're exploring further BabyBrain expansion workshops, as we're always working with BabyLabs and researchers ongoing to identify new areas of science to share. If you're a BabyLab or a researcher and want to participate or develop a new program with us, we invite your application via our contact form. 

"I really liked the workshop. It's packed with up-to-date and accurate scientific information about psychology and child development"

Dom Knutsen

"I wish I could know baby brains earlier, but as we say better late then never. As a mum and a midwife I really recommend babybrains course"


"What I really liked was a clear set of guiding principles supported with strong proof points that were easy to remember and follow in the future!"


"The best investment since I have become a mum! Well worth it!"





Supporting your child's success

Get the support to raise fulfilled, successful young people and to thrive in today's challenging world.


Increase your confidence in parenting and how to support your child's development.

Access to latest research available

We share the newest research from our global network of academic collaborations, partners and BabyLabs.

Safe space

Enjoy engaging and practical lessons with other like-minded parents on the same journey.

Evidence-based techniques for parents

Assurance you are receiving science-backed information from experts on child development and wellbeing.


Be empowered to build a lifelong connection with your child that lasts a lifetime.

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