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Trainer Guidelines

A community in L.O.V.E.

We pride ourselves in nourishing a community of likeminded people, committed to empower families in their community with science (the BB content) and L.O.V.E. (the BB approach). 

We work at developing a global community, committed to the highest standards and values.

Friends in the Lake



A degree and/or experience in the following areas, namely Psychology, Neuroscience, Education, are welcome but not necessary in order to be considered suitable to access BabyBrains® trainings. 

If the candidate doesn't possess any of the mentioned degrees or experience, a CV or a cover letter has to be sent to BabyBrains via our Contact Form. According to these documents, the BabyBrains® Direction has the right to accept or refuse the incoming subscriptions.

All candidates have to read the following books, before the beginning of the trainings: 
- Why love matters, Sue Gerhards (available in libraries, bookshops and online)
- The scientist in the crib, by Alison Gopnik et al. (available in libraries, bookshops and online)
- Science and LOVE with BabyBrains by Silvia Dalvit (available in the subscription set).

Candidates are asked to familiarize themselves with the BabyBrains app (available on google play and app store).


All the training sessions have to be attended in person.
Exceptions to this rule are rare and have to be justified accordingly with specific reasons and/or skills (which have to be necessarily demonstrated). The training purpose is to share contents and nurture a rich exchange among all participants. During these sessions an active, respectful and sensitive participation is warmly encouraged.


The trainees have to pass a test in order to upgrade to Certified Trainers.

The certification as "BabyBrains® Trainer" is received upon the success of the learning test and the accurate completion of a simple online certification form.

Digital certificates are places in a personal dropbox folder for each BabyBrains Trainer.


A BB Trainer is responsible for every aspect of the events that he/she organises.

A BB Trainer must conduct themselves as a representative of BabyBrains® in a professional manner, ensuring they are clear that they are a certified trainer and not an employee of BabyBrains®.

Every trainer is responsible for the custody and treatment of all collected personal data.

Before starting a workshop, every BabyBrains® trainer is responsible of collecting the signatures and the releases for free use of images through the register available in the related Trainer Zone. In case non-compliance with these duties, the workshop will not be recognised as a BabyBrains® official workshop.

Before starting the trainings, these are some key points and expectations to be aware taken from our official BabyBrains® Guidelines and Manual for Trainers. 

Once you sign-up to our certified trainings, you will be provided with the full Trainers Agreement to review and agree to prior to starting. 

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