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Welcome to the family helping families! 

As a BabyBrains® official Trainer Member, you become an invaluable voice and representative of the growing community building a bridge between science and society.


Together we aim to empower parents and children around the globe.


As a BabyBrains® official Trainer Member, you become an invaluable voice and representative of the growing community building a bridge between science and society. Together we aim to empower parents and children around the globe.

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  • Affiliation to the lively international community

  • Support to start running your workshops, with BabyBrains® official affiliation materials, logos and social assets

  • Access to training and workshop materials, regularly updated via our private Members Areas via our website

  • Options for personal branding and marketing materials

  • An invitation to the Annual Trainers Conference

  • Invitation to be part of private groups on Whatsapp, whose goal is mutual support and sharing.

  • The chance to attend the training one more time, with the benefit of a 50% discount. 

  • The chance to participate in all the events organized by BabyBrains® with a 10% discount. 

  • Access to specialty certification courses. 

BabyBrains Community may be a fit for you if:

  • Hold degrees in either Psychology and Education or have a passion for child development. 

  • Would like to have real positive impact on young families

  • Have a desire to upskill and learn more about child development, with a future-forward thinking mindset.

  • Continuous learning is important to you.

  • Hold a desire to meet like-minded individuals and connect with academic institutions, BabyLabs, and related groups in this space. 

  • You wish to contribute more to neuroscience, psychology and child development. 

If this sounds like you, we welcome you to sign-up below via our online form.

  1. Is BabyBrains® Training an accredited training program?
    Yes, all our trainings are CPD accredited.


  2. Am I a Certified Trainer after the training?
    No. In order to qualify as a Certified BabyBrains® Trainer your are requested to pass our test. This will support your learning further and guarantee to both you and your fellows Trainers the high and selective standards of our community.


  3. Can I make a living as a BabyBrains® Trainer?
    Offering BabyBrains® will be a great way to add a new element to your professional life and offer you an extra form of income alongside your academic or perinatal profession. 

  4. How long does it take for most people to launch their first BabyBrains® workshop?
    Upon passing of the test and certification of qualification, which usually happens within 2 months from the end of the Training, newly qualified Trainers are ready to launch their first BabyBrains workshop. 

  5. Do you take students with disabilities?
    Our trainings are open to all. We can provide support for students with DSA.

  6. When I leave training, what will I be able to do?
    Upon completion of the training, you will have gained great insights on child development and communication skills that you will be able to use in your daily personal and professional life from day one. You will be offered the opportunity to take our test and qualify as a BabyBrains Certified Trainer if you wish to offer BabyBrains workshops to parents in your community and become an active member of our community.

  7. What does the training cost? What are the ongoing costs or other services?
    The annual membership to our community costs £57/year (first year included in your training). If you want to offer BabyBrains® workshops to parents you'll be asked to have our Official Materials Bag which you will have to buy only once (£44.90) and to give all parents attending your course our officiale LOVE booklet which you'll buy from us at the symbolical cost of £28/10 booklets. All profits of your workshops will be handled by you directly and entirely.

  8. Where does the training take place? When does it start? What if I miss a class?
    BabyBrains® trainings are online. BabyBrains® Body training happen half in person and half online. You can find out all details about the 2023 trainings here.

  9. Can I offer BabyBrains® workshops in every language?
    Yes you can. We already have materials available in English, Italian, French and Farsi. We're working on more translations and you will be supported through the process of making everything available for your community if need be.

  10. What requirements or education do I need to join a course?
    A degree in Psychology or Education is preferable but we welcome all academic and perinatal professionals. 

  11. What if I decide this program isn’t for me after enrolling?
    A refund will be offered if the Training is cancelled by the organisers. This is the only circumstance where a refund is foreseen.

  12. What if I take the test and don't pass it?
    In the unlikely and unfortunate circumstance of not passing the test the Certification as a BabyBrains® trainer cannot be attained. 

  13. What if I am not ready now, can I follow your work and register for interest?
    Of course! Please contact us through the form and make sure you tick the relevant box for perspective trainers.

  14. What do I have to do if I want to enroll?
    Book a training!

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