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Our Approach

Explore the science behind our services.

Building a bridge between science and society, BabyBrains® aims to provide the latest in research of neuroscience and psychology available to parents. 

Learn more about our approach, which includes combines our L.O.V.E mission along with fun and science!

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Science-based fun and interactive workshops that support perinatal wellbeing by catalysing those Aha! Moments that can revolutionise the way adults see children and interact with them.


With solid science, empowering practice in evidence-based problem solving and decision-making, and caring emotional support, BabyBrains® empowers professionals to support parents and children as they go their unique family journey.

The workshops cover all issues that no perinatal professional or parent should ignore about brain development.

The Core Curriculum addressed topics include:

1. How pregnancy changes the brain

2. Good Habits & Memory

3. Manipulation & Theory of Mind

4. Separation Anxiety & Object Permanence

5. Language & Bilingualism

6. Motivation & Discipline

7. Attachment & Independence


Parenting pushes us out of our comfort zone. Motherhood in particular is a life, body and brain changing tsunami. 

The skills we acquired in life, prior to expecting a new addition, are likely to be pretty useless when raising a little human. Most of us have been trained to follow a set of rules and execute a set of instructions. Regardless of how successful we have been in our educational and professional lives, we soon realise that the strategies we have been using so far

need some serious updating if we are to keep our sanity and be the best possible parents.

What we do know is this: There is no user manual for a baby. No universal set of rules that can be learnt and applied. As parents, this begins with a journey of discovery as each lesson and experience is encountered and overcome. And try to focus on what we really want, which is to enjoy being a parent. 

At BabyBrains, we are a platform where scientists, parents and children exchange insights on the brain and its development. We seek to empower parents in making better decisions with better tools to be more effective and fulfilled in their relationship with their children. 


The first tool BabyBrains® uses to work towards its vision of a society with happier and more fulfilled parents and children is science—more specifically, the kind of scientific insight that can empower your decision-making. We aim to offer you knowledge that sheds light on your child as a whole and allows you to figure out comprehensive, effective and long-lasting solutions.


Raising a child is a great opportunity for parents to connect back to that fun way of ‘doing science’ that we all know from our childhood days. It's being willing to experiement in your thirst and quest for knowledge, making you and your child experience 'curiousity' and 'fun' every step of the way.


To help you keep Science and Fun at the core of our interactions, even in the most sleep-deprived days, BabyBrains® proposes the acronym L.O.V.E. These four letters will remind you of the core actions of effective and respectful parenting. Learn through, Observation, Validate through, Experience.

If you complete one of our Parent's Workshops, we will provide you with these tools in a safe space to learn, grow and ask the important questions. To give you confidence in your parenting. 

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