Goodbye 2020!

"Goodbye 2020" - we have been hearing this for a while already. In August many people had already had enough of this year (including us at Babybrains).

At BabyBrains we surely had our serious challenges too: worries, sickness, death... we have experienced the whole scale of challenges the pandemic has brought to the world with unseen violence. And we had some extra: one out of two directors out of the game for more then 3 months due to serious health issues, and an international move: just to mention the two toughest challenges.

It has been tough. But we can already see (some of?) the positive things these challenges have brought us. We are not talking of a vague feeling of personal growth (which admittedly sometimes is quite difficult to identify, camouflaged as it is in the midst of tiredness, pressure and sometimes even fear). We are talking about practical, tangible good things that have sprouted out directly from the bad ones.


⁃ We launched our online trainings and trained more professionals in 2020 then ever before.

⁃ We were forced to ask for help... and we received such generous, top-notch, enthusiastic helping hands (and brains! And hearts!) that it took us a while to even understand it was real. But again, it’s not just the feeling: thanks to our beyond-words wonderful team, a true explosion of vitality, creativity, content, beauty has swept all over BabyBrains! (A look at our feeds and websites will demonstrate).

Does it mean we are glad the pandemic happened? Obviously not! Does it mean that we are grateful to have had a chance to surf this big wave and ripe some wonderful benefits from it?

Oh yes!

But there is even more. Maybe we saw the deepest positive effect of this pandemic in « our » parents. Parents who had to focus on the essential because there was not much else.

We saw expecting mums who arrived more rested at the end of their pregnancy and had therefore more physiological positive experiences; new families who could enjoy some quiet intimate time after birth, getting to know each other with all the calm, silence and time that they needed; children who got to spend a lot more time with their parents, siblings that got to know each other so much better and can now play together for hours on end.

We do hope 2021 brings us a little bit of rest and quiet, but we are grateful for this wave and ready to take on the next, however it turns out to be.

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