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#MightyMums. Learning is magic and fun.

The “Unlock Project” is a really good example. After reading the fact that our brain needs to inhibit some information to be able to learn or add a new one, I was just so intrigued.

So first, I read: #freshfromthelab. Dilini Sumanapala tells us about how kids update their knowledge, see here. Then, my intellect was boiling. Yes really!

I could almost see some bubbles coming out of my head.

So our brain could be updated over and over…? A little bit like a software? As flexible as marshmallow? Yum!!

Let’s start with the experiment from the “Unlock project” to have fun and understand more about the brain’s inhibition.

What do cows drink? Ermmm....Milk? No, wait.... Water of course!

You thought about milk first. That’s normal. To answer this question, you need to inhibit the image in your brain where cows are always associated with milk. Would you like to rewind and free your mind? To stop and rethink? To gain some knowledge?

Observing our kids can be so inspiring. But, how do you get your brain to think like your little ones? What if we put ourselves in a child’s shoes? We surely need some practice and a lot of marshmallows to give us some audacity!

Let’s do it! Let’s be a kid again to learn with appetite and joy. Try to see life as an experiment. Accept falling and trying again. Try things differently and think outside the box. That’s why marshmallows are important here.

Here are three exercises to think like a kid:

  • Take things to the absurd. Kids have no filters, which might be embarrassing when you’re standing in line at the grocery store and your toddler says something absurd. Like my daughter said the other day to the grocery manager: “Do you want me to put a pine spine in your mouth?” Sometimes it’s hard for us adults to loosen up and shout out our craziest ideas for fear of looking stupid.

It’s only when you take your ideas to the absurd that the most amazing, radical innovations can start to take shape. Throw logic out the window and let your imagination run wild!

  • Be fearless. When babies begin to learn how to walk, they fall. A lot. But they always get up and do it again because they’re fearless. Our awareness of danger sets in gradually. By the time you become an adult, it gets easier to stay stuck in your comfort zone. Risk is scary. So if you want to come up with a good idea, you have to generate a lot of ideas.

That means that most of them are going to be stupid, silly, illogical and worthless. It means putting your creative self out there to be judged. Kids jump off a creative cliff every day. The next time you’re stuck for an innovative idea, ask your kid.

  • Ask lots of questions. Kids ask questions, many of them being “What if?” This is also something inventors do instinctively to solve problems and create new products. Once we become adults, we lose this trait.

Asking a lot of questions is vital for creativity and innovation. Maybe the secret to innovation is also the secret to a fulfilling life — curiosity.

Written by Alix Bossard, a mighty mum of 2.

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