Stop & Watch: What a child birdwatcher can teach us about parenting with L.O.V.E.

My phone is full of pictures of feathers, of flying blurs, of meadows that needs to be zoomed in 10 times before you can see the actual subject of the photo: a woodpigeon.

You guessed it: my son is a birdwatcher (and also, he does get to use my phone every now and then, but that’s another story, read here).

The other day he told me his secret.

“Birds are everywhere Mamma. I just don’t see them when I am doing something else.

The only thing to do is very simple – just it took me a very long time to figure it out.

You just need to stop and watch.

If you sit there for a minute, or maybe two, in silence, you start noticing that each tree is alive with dozens of birds.”

Stop and watch.

Things come alive.

How come, my son, you figured out something it took me 30+years to discover? Or maybe I knew it when I was 9 and then I somehow forgot it, in my attempt to learn things that seemed much more relevant and useful?

With his chair planted in the middle of the garden and his nose stuck in the sky, my son is the perfect picture of what we want to practice at BabyBrains.

Stop rushing (that wonderful mum & baby class is going to be there next week too).