Waking up in Delhi

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

L.O.V.E.ing Delhi. Day 1.

Delhi is buzzing. The famous honking woke me up early this morning and its crescendo does not show any sign of diminishing.

Lots of cars, but mostly Rikshaw. I hope my taxi will be one of those. It is warm. It is gray. I had read about the pollution, but now I see what it means: the sky is heavy and the air is thick.

Under my hotel window, a green cart with big wheels and beautiful fruit piled upon it. I did not even know, but those carts were already part of my image of India. It began to feel like India as soon as I saw one of those by the side of the highway last night on my way from the airport.

In 10 minutes I will be picked up and brought to Supriya Bhatvani 's office. I will tell them about BabyBrains and our mission to empower parents around the world with the hard facts and the observing attitude of science.

I will watch. I will listen. I will take in this huge buzzing city as if I was a baby, drinking up the world.

Stay tuned!

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