We have passed the due date! Hurray!

Antenatal appointment, UK style. My midwife and my second son listening to the baby's heart.

The due date has arrived and gone. Am I impatient to hold my baby in my arms? Well, no! I am holding him as tight as I will ever hold him, and I enjoy every second of this special, magic calmness. If you are towards the end of your pregnancy and cannot wait for it to be over, maybe this post will make you look at things in a different way. I cannot believe I am actually writing this blog post. I thought I would never get to this point on my To Do list before the birth of No. 3! But this little baby seems to be coming to the world with a present of his own: time

In the nine months he has been with me, he has shown me that there is no need to hurry and that there is time for everything. When I first found out I was pregnant, who would have thought we'd have new jobs, a new place, and a whole new life before the little one actually arrived? Would have I even dared to dream that I would be followed by "my" midwife, the very special one that accompanied my previous two pregnancies and births?

In the last weeks, who knew there was enough time to find a fitting au-pair, submit school applications, sort out my admin work back in France, have a pregnancy massage, practice yoga, relax, have coffee with my mum, get to meet new lovely people and properly catch up with old friends? And all this after I have done plenty of my crucial priority: sleeping and resting.

This third surprise-pregnancy has finally stopped feeling like a race against time. Baby and me are making the most of these precious days. We have "empty time" that we can fill with the wonderful presence of us two. We are connected. We are accomplices. We know each other. We breathe.

There will be plenty of breathless moments in the coming days and weeks and months. Plenty of times when the things to do will be so many that there won't be time to listen to our hearts, or to watch the leaves dancing in the wind. Nappies will need to be changed, dinners will have to be cooked, tiny tummies will need to be filled over and over again. I will be exhausted, and you might feel lost in this big noisy world. But, we will have been on this special island together where time seems not to matter. All that counts is being here and now, in love, as if love were a place to go.

Friends around us are getting excited and family are almost nervous. They want to see my little secret and they want to share it with me. I understand, but we linger. We enjoy this time that is only ours and that will accompany us throughout our life. Thank you, baby, for teaching me this.

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