The first tool BabyBrains® uses to work toward the vision of a society with happier and more fulfilled parents and children is science, and more specifically the kind of scientific insight that can empower your decision-making. We aim at offering you knowledge that sheds light over your child as a whole and allows you to figure out comprehensive, effective and long-lasting solutions. 

While we cannot call it “the truth” (for millennia we thought the Earth was flat, until we discovered it was not. So you never know what we will find out next), science is our best working hypothesis. It can be trusted more than opinions, or even experience, because scientists go enormous lengths to make sure that their findings are neither coincidences, nor the fruit of their biased observation, nor some particular event that only applies in very specific circumstances.

Science is a much better source of information than the individual opinions of practitioners, who lack perspective: Something that works very well in hospital settings might be disastrous at home, something that functions with a nanny might badly backfire with parents, and so on.

It is a shame that, over the last centuries, science has moved very far away from “normal people”. There is a perception that science is something clever doctors in white coats do in sterilised labs and that hardly ever touches our life. Let us prove this perception wrong and let us make science work for us. To do this, we need to get the fun of science back into the picture. We call it the L.O.V.E. approach and our app helps you put it into practice.

Because we L.O.V.E. science so much, we are collaborating in a number of research projects with top London Universities. Click here to find out more and to participate.

To bring neuroscience-based parenting to you, we have put together a parenting workshop and an app for parents. We bring you the latest science in our blog


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