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Parents with Child

Teachers & Employers

Your passionate teachers and staff will love learning with us.

Our face-to-face or online learning will give your team the tools and techniques to unlock children's potential. They will gain the confidence and recognition that they are supporting future generations. 


Balancing work-life can be challenging for everyone: what if a workplace was also the place where parents learned more about it?


A BabyBrains Impact Maker is a leader, mentor, educator, institution, or corporation that understands the value of empowering their people with innovative, mobilising techniques to support the children in their care. Strategies that build confidence and wellbeing back into the company culture itself.

What if a teacher could renew and enhance their teaching method, based on cutting-edge research from Neurosciences and Psychology? What if a teacher could acquire a new flexible teaching approach inspired by the scientific method? 


Imagine if employees as parents were offered within their company empowering tools to raise their child? 

Imagine if all schools and workplaces joined forces to bring the latest neuro-scientific findings to families? Imagine if all schools and workplaces made a combined effort to raise scientific awareness and protect and empower the mental wellbeing and development of the next generation.

 Wouldn't the world actually change quite quickly?

& Schools

BabyBrains® offers bespoke sessions for teachers, parents and for children aged 6.

Employers & Workplaces

BabyBrains® offers bespoke sessions for employers and their employees with children.



  • Bring into your school culture our unique L.O.V.E approach: scientific, logic and fun

  • Empower teachers, parents and students alike with cutting-edge research that is relevant to their life and enhance everyone’s potential to work together and fuel their internal motivation while tapping into the true pleasure of learning!

  • Find out how our brain works and build your own ways to tap into its infinite potential for long term learning.


  • Be a true game-changer into offering real tools to find a balance between family and work life

  • Find out ways in which a new parent, particularly mothers, has developed unexpected new potential and new skills that can be useful to everyone in the office

  • Explore the most radical sustainability: build the value of taking care of the next generation within your very company culture. 

  • Informed and empowered parents make happier and more fulfilled co-workers. 


Becoming a BabyBrains® Impact Maker means you also join our official BabyBrains International Network!


Want to become a BabyBrains Impact Maker in your school or workplace?

We're so glad to hear it, we welcome your application. 

What Our Supporters Say

"This workshop is so useful. It helped me a lot to understand my new baby and also to better communicate with my 4 year old daughter."



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  • Understand our Programs

We ask for your patience as we review your submission and determine the best program set-up for you. ​

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