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What we do

Certified trainings, parents workshops & more.

BabyBrains® offers a fun, playful way to nurture a child’s mental development.


Deeply rooted in neuroscience and psychology, we bridge the gap between the latest in science and the next generation, through education and certification pathways.

BabyBrains® is the bridge between Science and Society. It makes the latest insight from Psychology and Neuroscience available to parents. It is accessible, empowering and fun. BabyBrains' parents are not only informed but also equipped to unlock their child's full potential while nurturing the relationship and having fun. Awe inspiring science becomes a tool for awe inspired daily life, even when slightly sleep deprived.


We offer trainings for peri-natal professionals, to help those who support families bring science-based empowerment to their communities. We have more than 100 BabyBrains Trainers in the UK, France, Netherlands, Italy, Spain and across the word including Madagscar, Tunisia, South Africa and others. 


We collaborate with numerous universities, offering tools for enhancing their research impact and dissemination. In collaboration with different universities we host weekly conversations with academics, that are available on our YouTube channel.


We operate through the perinatal hub and NGO BabyBrains-Il Parto Positivo in Italy.


Our mission: To empower parents with the latest scientific knowledge, to interact with their children in the most effective way, to improve the quality of development and of the parent/child relationship.

Perinatal Professionals

Offering a training for certification and skill development.


Offering a playful experience in the latest research in child development for new parents.


Fuelling love for learning in all students via their school community.


Promoting a deeper understanding of parent needs in the workplace.


We have a global network of academic collaborations & BabyLab connections.


With expanding opportunities for partnerships, we invite your application.


Our L.O.V.E science drives our BabyBrains programs. Go deeper into the research. 


Bridge between Neuroscience Academia and families

Science-based information

Healthy habits development 


Relationship nurture



We firmly believe that sound information and practice in healthy habits can transform parenting into a truly exciting (if effortful) adventure. Embracing the uniqueness of each child and figuring out our personal way to respond to her can be extremely satisfying.


A well informed and adequately supported parent will experience less frustration, exhaustion and hopelessness as her/his energy will be channelled towards the most effective tool of parenting: nurturing the relationship with the child. It is through this relationship that support for optimal development can be offered. What’s best, both parents and children will have a lot of fun on the way, which is the fuel of all resilience and learning.



Service to Life
We are amazed by human life and each individual’s journey. We use science as a tool to enhance this amazement and make it work in real life.


Passion to Empower
Passion is at the heart of our company. We are continuously moving forward, innovating, empowering, growing, and improving –– as a team, with our trainers, and in the research.


Nurture Positivity
​We strive to approach things in a positive way, acknowledging the struggles and working with them. We value clear, unjudgemental communications and avoid making assumptions.


Humility in Practice
We acknowledge the expertise and deep value of those we work with and those within our wider community. We practice humility and are thankful for our community, recognising that it is a privilege to serve them.


Acting Beyond Yourself

We consider the bigger picture, knowing our work goes beyond ourselves. Starting by making space for being professionals and parents in every step of the way, we work to create an inclusive environment to build a better company and live by our values. 

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